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    About Us

    Let Bubba tell you a story

    The first Bubba opened way back in the year 2000, and we’ve been making things better ever since. Lunch, dinner, work, home, parties, hangovers, bar mitzvahs and other religious ceremonies, secular events, deadlines, mother-in-laws, weeknights, weekends, even brunch. Heck, Bubba makes just about everything better. All you gotta do is let it. While everyone else was worrying about Y2K bugs, our founding Bubba, Roger Hopper, was worrying about how to make pizza better. And in June 2000 Bubba Pizza was born with an unquenchable appetite to lift the standard of pizza for every man, woman, and Bubba. And all for a more-than-fair price.

    It would become our ‘Sacred Bubba Oath’ to make our dough from scratch in-store every single Bubbaloving day, source the most Bubbaful ingredients available from local suppliers, and make sure that every Bubbalover finishes the last slice with a great big smile on their Bubbaloving dial.

    But Bubba Pizza hasn’t grown into a family-owned franchise business spanning two states alone. We realised long ago that the more we get together, the better things get. Which is why Bubba loves to get behind local communities. So, please, let Bubba make your sports club, school fundraising or charity event better.